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Thousands of individuals become Canadian permanent resident each year and make Canada their new home. However, most of them separate from their parents/grandparents in this process due to the Canadian Immigration policies. Immigration Canada offers parents/grandparents sponsorship program to bring them permanently, but it allows only a few thousand applications each year, and file processing could take years.

Super visa is a temporary option for people who want to see their parents/grandparents in Canada for extended periods. A super visa is a temporary resident visa that provides multiple entries in Canada for up to 10 years, and parents/grandparents can stay in Canada for 5 consecutive years.

Eligibility Criteria

Foreign nationals who wish to apply super visa must be the parents or grandparents of a Canadian permanent resident or citizen. They must have a signed invitation letter from their sponsor that sponsor will be responsible for their parents/grandparents once they are in Canada. Moreover, parents/grandparents must have a medical insurance coverage for at least $100,000 valid for 1 year from the date of entry.
Canadian permanent resident/citizen must demonstrate that he/she meets the minimum necessary income for the last 1 year to become an eligible sponsor. It can be proved by providing notice of assessment, pay stubs, bank statements etc.

Income requirement for Super Visa:

Family Size

Minimum Necessary Income (LICO)

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7 Person


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