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Every year, thousands of international students acquire Canadian study visa and come to Canada to pursue their studies. The number of international students has been significantly rising because many Canadian universities are in the top-ranked universities in the world that are known for their high standard of education. Moreover, foreign students easily adapt Canadian system due to cultural diversity in class rooms and society.

Study Permit:

A study permit is a legal document issued by Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada that allows foreign nationals to study at DLI (Designated Learning Institutions) in Canada for a specific period. Foreign students do not need a study permit if their study programs are 6 months long or less. However, they may need a visitor visa to stay in Canada if they are not from a visa exempt country.

Study Permit requirements:

  • Enrollment confirmation from a designated learning institution
  • Proof of funds for tuition fee, living expenses, and travel expenses
  • Police clearance letter with no criminal background
  • Must pass a medical exam
  • Intention to leave Canada when study permit expires
  • Must hold a valid foreign passport

During a valid study permit, a student may work part-time (20 hours/week) during regular school terms. However, a student may work full-time during scheduled breaks in the school year. A student must ensure that a study permit does not have any restriction to work while studying.

You can be one of the thousands of students who get a study permit each year. We can help you to find the best study program at a top-notch institution and file your study visa application to IRCC

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