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The federal government has given authority to Canadian provinces and territories to establish their own criteria for nomination by targeting certain groups of people to meet regional economic demands. Therefore, each province and territory have their own immigration programs and requirements. Provincial nominee programs are usually the easiest pathway to Canadian permanent residency. Individuals, who do not qualify for federal immigration programs, may be eligible under provincial nominee programs. 

How to apply?

Provincial Nominee Program (Non-Express Entry)

The basic requirement for every provincial nominee program is that applicants must show their interest to settle and economically establish themselves in the province that will nominate them. A complete PNP application must be submitted to the provincial/territorial immigration office. An Applicant will receive a Provincial Nomination Letter if the application meets all the requirements. At this stage, an application for permanent residency can be submitted to Immigration, Refugee & Citizenship Canada (IRCC) where it will be assessed for any inadmissibility issues such as medical, criminal, misrepresentation, etc. A permanent resident visa will be issued if the applicant meets all requirements. The current processing time for the provincial nominee program is 20-24 months.

Provincial Nominee Program - Express Entry

Many Canadian provinces/territories are now participating in the Federal Express Entry system and selecting candidates for nomination who are wishing to settle in that province. To be eligible under this program, applicants must meet requirements for one of the three federal programs (Federal Skilled Worker, Canadian Experience Class, or Federal Trades Program). Applicants may be nominated from a province even if they do not have enough CRS score to get an ITA (Invitation to Apply).

A province issues a Notification of Interest to a potential applicant who is interested to stay permanently in the province. The applicant can submit an application to the province, and the province will issue a nomination certificate if the applicant meets all the requirements. Additional 600 points for nomination will be added to the profile once the applicant accepts it in the express entry profile. It will help to get an Invitation to Apply (ITA) in subsequent Express Entry Draw, and the applicant will be eligible to submit a permanent residence application to Immigration Canada.

Available Provincial Nominee Programs in Canada

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