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PGWP Extension up to 18 Months.

A work permit gives an opportunity to a foreign national to work in Canada temporarily. At the end of 2022, around 286,000 foreign nationals got Post Graduate Work Permit. Approximately, 127,000 work permits will expire by the end of 2023.

Starting April 6, 2023, IRCC will allow PGWP holders to extend their Work Permits up to 18 months. Applicants whose work permit has expired or about to expire are eligible for extension. IRCC is announcing the extension of Post Graduate Work Permit to keep highly qualified talent in Canada.

Generally, people are not eligible to restore their status after 90 days of expiry date of their valid permit. However, applicants can benefit from this temporary policy even their status expired more than 90 days ago. Applicants will receive interim work authorization during processing of their new work permit application.

Applicants are recommended to apply for an extension of their work permit at least 30 days prior the expiry of their current work permit.

To apply for Work Permit Extension, Contact our Immigration Consultants in Calgary, Alberta.

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